Trans Yamuna murders…. !!
By Maxwell Pereira
Jt. Commissioner of Police/Traffic, Delhi

Two blind murders in a day! Apparently, the 1st of August did not augur well for the District. Information on the first, from PCR at morning 10.30, about a dead body in a gunny sack under Shahdara flyover. Of a male around 40, totally naked, with lacerations on the chest and strangulation marks round the neck. No clue to its identification. Neighbourhood enquiries get the police nothing.

The second, again information from PCR at a little past noon plus one, about foul smell emanating from a house in Old Jagatpuri under PS Mansarover Park. On the second floor of the premises, the police find a body in an iron box, highly decomposed. The deceased appeared to have been done to death in a brutal manner.

The decomposed body in the iron box was linked by the police to another missing report lodged at Dilshad Garden on 31st August. Identified as Rajbir @ Pappu, the 21yr old deceased was of Jagatpuri Extn., Shahdara. Once identity was established, it was only a matter of time before the police learnt that he had been called by one Manoj, whose sister, enquiries revealed, was allegedly teased by the deceased. Manoj fell into the police trap on Aug 2, whose interrogation led to the unearthing of the plot and the involvement of his brother Vijay in the commission of the crime.

The lead in the first comes in the form of a driver visiting Shadara PS at six the same evening to report the missing of his employer Neeraj Gupta. Linking of the missing person to the earlier found body in the gunny sack was elementary and quick. Deceased Gupta of Rohini was a dealer in audio visual equipment with offices in high profile Connaught Place and Kalkaji. He had come the previous afternoon to Shahdara Metro Station in his Mitsubishi Lancer and instructed his driver to wait there for him. The employer had then not returned. The driver provided a further lead, that Neeraj was constantly on his cellphone throughout the car journey to Shahdara.

Gupta's cellphone number was provided by his family. An analysis of the phone records threw light on his life style and contacts, a substantial lot of whom were found to be of the fairer gender. In his line of business, Gupta was found to be employing a considerable number of females, with whom he was constantly in touch. An instrument of the number contacted on 27th July in the list of contacts was also found to be the last mobile communicated with on the evening Gupta disappeared.

Police enquiries then revealed that this mobile was lost by its original owner on 26th July. The mobile service company however was able to provide the police with the new sim number under which the instrument was now operating. This number was found to be frequently in contact with the cellphone of one Asha - a former employee of Neeraj - whose own phone number was found in the phone records of Neeraj's cellphone.

Through Asha the police reached Abid a local with vegetable vending business in Darya Ganj who had been calling her on the stolen mobile, who in turn put them on to Arif his friend and co-vegetable vender who by then was currently in possession of the instrument. Tactful interrogation of Arif, revealed a diabolical tale of passion and intrigue, leading to the solving of the murder.

As per disclosures made to the police, Asha had worked for Neeraj Gupta at his CP office some time ago and left the place allegedly after Gupta had made some overtures to her. She confided the matter to her boyfriend Arif. Asha later approached Neeraj for a recommendation while seeking a better job, when Neeraj allegedly made further advances after feeding her beer. When Arif learnt of this, he was infuriated enough to plan his revenge. He enlisted the support of his friends and hatched a plan to summon Neeraj to his friend Pawan's house in East Rohtash Nagar. He then got Asha to call Neeraj on his mobile to meet her near Shahdara temple on 31st July afternoon. Neeraj went in his Lancer, parked it at the Metro station with instructions to his driver to wait for him, and met Asha at the appointed place. Asha took him in a rickshaw to Pawan's, where Arif with his friends Farooq and Kadam were waiting. Arif had supposedly enlisted their support on the pretext of making a blue film with Neeraj and a prostitute as subjects, and also arranged for a video-grapher to be present. The agitated Arif had then tortured Neeraj inflicting injuries on his chest with a shaving blade and then strangled him with the clothesline. In the rainy inclement weather of the same night, they had then disposed off the body in a gunny sack under the nearby flyover.

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