Witness Protection
By Maxwell Pereira

Maxwell Pereira

  • began his career in the Indian Government in 1970 and served in the Indian Police Service until 2004. From 1994-1997, he was the Additional Commissioner of Police, Delhi, in the New Delhi and Southern Ranges. Pereira's last position from 2003 July to 2004 October, was as the Joint Commissioner of Police for the New Delhi Range of the Capital City.
  • called the 'High Profile Cop' of the Delhi Police, he was known for his no-nonsense approach to curbing anti-social elements and rioters and for bringing order to chaotic conditions on city roads in Delhi
  • has nine national and four regional awards adorning the lapel of his uniform, making him one of the most highly decorated police officers in India.
  • a man of diverse interests, involved in social welfare activities as a Rotarian, a prolific writer and a much sought-after speaker, interviewed on Radio and Television networks, like NDTV, AajTak, CNN, BBC, CNBC, ABN, STAR and others), his versatility has earned him the nickname of "The Thinking Policeman”

      “ ……………… the criminal justice system is already affected – the rot and decay already set in – many would say, beyond redemption. Going by common perception, telling lies in court to suit individual need or circumstance is an accepted norm today – if at all one is constrained to testify as a witness in court. More so, in a criminal case where evidence tampering and witness-inducement through money-power, influence, allurement or blackmail, cajoling, bullying, intimidation or threat is the order of the day………………..”

Available at maxwellpereira44@gmail.com or maxpk@vsnl.com & http://www.planetindia.net/maxwell


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