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Bits and pieces on the Traffic Police Website have appeared in the media off and on. It was formally launched though yesterday, on Tuesday the 9th July. What exactly do the Traffic Police hope to achieve with this exercise?

In the columns of this very newspaper on Saturday the 6th July, Anil Sharma told readers of Delhi Mid-Day how 'things' are 'happening' in Delhi and in Delhi's Traffic scenario! That believe it or not, Delhi-ites are really seen to be obeying traffic rules - showing more and more tendencies to follow traffic safety norms, rules and regulations. Well, this hasn't happened over night, or by the wave of a magician's wand. True, there are scores still, who violate with impunity. But discernibly, their numbers are gradually and steadily declining. A beginning has been made.

Detractors and those with an axe to grind will have their own story to narrate, of course. But the army of determined citizens who want to see this city brush shoulders with the best in the world, is growing. And what more, their voice is getting heard… and their effort at ensuring more discipline and order on the road, is yielding results. For it remains true that the buck starts and ends at every individual's own endeavour, and not on what he/she wants others on the road to do! That follows automatically. And in this their effort - every citizen's endeavour, the Traffic Police are merely the catalyst. They need to be and want to be the silent and unobtrusive partner. Whose friendly not oppressive presence should be felt rather than seen. And towards this end, they endeavour… slowly, and steadily. With innovations by the dozen up their sleeves - be it technological, be it in terms of the latest and the most modern, user-friendly, rule-adherence-motivating, traffic control devices and operational techniques. The website is one such among its latest innovations, evolved taking advantage of the developments around in Information Technology.

The website is a veritable storehouse of a majority of the Traffic Police functions. Its out-reach programmes, its areas of public assistance and 'Helplines'. It has been endeavoured to cover almost all aspects of Traffic Police activities hitherto not available on its link page hosted on the main Delhi Police website. Right from spelling out its 'Mission & Objectives' and its Organizational Chart with the hierarchy and information on traffic officers with their telephone numbers available in text form, and linked automatically on the Delhi Area Map. In such a manner that any layman/visitor to the website not having any knowledge, can access information with a mere map click option. From the main map if one clicks on any particular area, it will zoom in to the specifics of that area, giving information on - the traffic Inspector of the area you can contact, his office location, telephone number etc for one to know in the event of a problem. Information on shopping centres, major roads with restrictions if any applicable, hospitals, parking lots, taxi stands, and so on. The general information section gives interesting tit-bits on the history of the automobile and the various 'firsts' - be it an accident, or a recorded traffic prosecution.

More importantly, the website has devoted a large segment of its space to aspects of Road Safety. The quality of road users depends directly on the traffic education that the user was required to be given before acquiring his driving licence, or on what he was exposed to after taking to the wheel. Education material in an attractive manner is available for every category of road user - be it a pedestrian, a cyclist, or a motorist as driver or vehicle occupant. Safety guidelines and norms are spelt out, be it for school buses, teachers, school authorities or school children. And instructions from the Highway Code with all the 'Do's and 'Don'ts - even on 'how to negotiate a round-about' and on the 'right of way'. 'Flashers' draw your attention to crucial traffic tips and safety messages.

Road accidents and trends are another important area for statisticians, analysts and researchers, and to those whose conscience needs a bit of jolting…. may be with the stringent enforcement measures adopted by the traffic Police - which area is also not neglected. Among other informations is the latest Traffic-Management schemes employed in different areas, and the innovative technological forays - be it on the Area Traffic Control, the Red-speed Cameras and Digital Count-down Meters, or the SMS (Short Messaging System).

A number of general queries are dealt with in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, with answers available on a plethora of matters. This question-answer bank is expected to be embellished and enriched with the new and newer queries the website is bound to evoke. The archival section will host the latest Press Releases and Advertisements of the Traffic Police for any one to consult, and in the Helpline section are covered the traffic assistance areas including grievance redressal through complaint cards, or the latest Fare-charts for Taxis and TSRs.

The Mission of the Delhi Traffic Police is "to achieve the highest standard of safe and smooth traffic". Towards this end, the website provides an interface to the people of Delhi and even others, to interact from their home computers with their traffic police. To browse, suggest, recommend or complain - towards a better, safe and effective Traffic Management. The creation of this website is not an end. It is a humble beginning. If it has to grow, it must remain friendly, receptive and informative for the user. The Traffic Police propose to do exactly this. The site can be accessed at

850 words: dated 24.08.2004.
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