‘Rein-in the killers’

This refers to Vishesh Prakash’s story on rash taxi drivers on the Delhi-Gurgaon roads, (Killers on Wheels, South Delhi Plus). I am a resident of DLF city since 1996, and like thousands of others in this area, my family and friends commute very frequently on the same stretches mentioned. Like South Delhi residents, even Gurgaon dwellers feel terribly threatened, harassed and afraid of their lives because of these unlicensed, unrestricted, uncontrolled demons, as we frequently use the Gurgaon/ Mehrauli Andheria Mor, Saket and other stretches listed in the story. Even despite accidents and fatalities, it is a crying shame that the authorities and administration is coy and reluctant to rein-in this menace. Sadly, even the high profile employers like the numerous call centres have washed their hands off any obligation, or demonstration of concern, even when their own employees travel in these vehicles. Consequently, we welcome your coverage. Besides, we hope the dynamism of Maxwell Pereira, joint commissioner, Delhi Police may rid us of our tensions, and we hope this menace and threat to life will be curtailed. I urge the traffic police and the administration to wake up, and also request resident friends to further circulate the 24-hour Delhi Traffic Police helpline (Phone no: 337 8888), to which examples of over speeding, dangerous rash driving and breaking of traffic rules by these contract taxis can be reported. –Pramod Bhandari, C-15/1, Qutab Enclave, DLF Phase-1, Gurgaon

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