City police to crack down on speeding motorists

NEW DELHI: The Delhi traffic police will begin a crackdown on motorists who overspeed and flout traffic norms on unmanned roads. To begin with, they will carry out prosecutions on select roads in the New Delhi range.

Deputy commissioner of police (traffic, New Delhi range) Arun Kampani said: ‘‘The wide roads in New Delhi area that have traffic intersections at considerable gaps will be our targets. These are the stretches where maximum cases of traffic violation are recorded. Overspeeding, haphazard driving and overtaking from the wrong side are among some common violations.’’

The traffic police have already identified select routes for the prosecution drive. ‘‘We will deploy one team each to intercept and challan motorists on both lanes,’’ Kampani said. Corridor prosecutions carried out last year by the traffic police yielded positive results. ‘‘Prosecution of moving traffic on other occasions is random. This time they are going to be specific,’’ joint commissioner of police (traffic) Maxwell Pereira said.

Since there is a substantial distance between the traffic intersections, police presence on these roads is almost negligible, said an official. ‘‘Even if there is an odd constable present in the corridor, he can just issue notices and isn’t able to prosecute every passing vehicle. This focussed attempt will instil fear among the motorists,’’ the official said. Corridor prosecution is an extension of the de-manning process of traffic signals. ‘‘The motorists will now find extensive police presence on these stretches between the traffic intersections,’’ he said.

‘‘There will be an element of surprise in the entire enforcement procedure,’’ he said. Recently, a similar enforcement method was adopted on the national highway leading to Gurgaon. The campaigns brought down instances of overspeeding and rash driving by regular users of the road quite successfully.

The traffic police have also started a spot-and-prosecute drive in the New Delhi area. Buoyed by the success of the drive that included spotting, chasing and prosecuting errant drivers by plain-clothed policemen in the Connaught Place area, the traffic police have replicated the system in other areas of New Delhi range as well.

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