Salaam to you all…. Was it premonition… ? Who knows! But the family treasury of photographs did throw up this 1946 picture of an eighteen-month old, in a replica of what then used to be a police uniform that resembled a bush-shirt over shorts that funnily looked like divided skirts!
Fate willed it…and a cadet officer was born in 1970. Allocated to serve in Delhi, this was taken during training at the Punjab Police Academy,
Ranjit Singh Fort, Phillaur. Some more pictures of this period, follow:

The equestrian course was a must. But even before the riding master took charge of me, my pretty tutors who insisted on me escorting them did a pretty good job on me. Riding cross country and on river banks with the wiry eucalyptus branches slapping you viciously in the face and elsewhere. And then of course, commanding the parade on horse back was mere chicken feed.
Just a few of the companions in the Officers' Mess with me. The one to my left was gracious to call me a friend - which status, I am privileged to enjoy to this day. The one in the centre left the police to join the Income Tax service. Only one in this picture is heading a State - the most contentious and volatile in the country right now, and doing a bloody good job of it. No prizes from me for recognizing the rest!


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