Reaction of a young USA returned MBA Graduate, who is a successful Corporate Executive and an aspiring author – to a chance meeting with mpk and his writings:
I salute the "The Thinking Policeman"....

Once again, I can't believe that I had the honor of spending time with one of the BRIGHTEST and MOST ARTICULATE writers of today.... Thank you once again for considering me deserving enough to read your writings.. I am too young and ignorant to say anything intelligent about your masterpieces... but I can't NOT say anything at all... (even at the risk of sounding even MORE IGNORANT!)

I read, with great interest, both your articles (on the London Blasts).... what impressed me the most about "A Bit of Bobby Bashing" was the psychological analysis you did of the policemen who committed the heinous act.... while not just MOST, but actually ALL the news covering the brutal killing uptil now, has concentrated on the gross mistake committed by the London Police and the subsequent shock of the eyewitnesses and the Brits... your article gave a FRESH perspective into the hows/whys of what was going on deep inside the minds of the Brits... esp. the law enforcement authorities.... no one has actually analysed the Brit psyche post the second blasts.... really enjoyed your analysis....

About "Covering Bomb Blasts" .....point well taken about the media efficiency in "factual reportage without sensationalism" ....but, without (hopefully) sounding too arrogant (for my own sake), didn't the MYTH that they created about their own resilience/stoicism after the first set of blasts, come crumbling down after the second ...with their subsequent panic and resultant killing of an innocent man ....their true reactions leave me with an empty feeling, that the Brits are just a shade better at HIDING their emotions better than us ....but the EMOTIONS are nonetheless, still there .... (just well hidden) ...their stoicism is only skin-deep ....inside, they are as much of reactionaries as any of us so-called underdeveloped Asians!

I hope I have not over-stepped with what I have written.... I am too small a pie....! So please pardon me and excuse my age/ignorance..... But, I truly enjoyed both your publications.... (and was) interested enough to go to your web site and discover a whole encyclopedia of interesting readings!
Just finished reading "Am I a perfectionist?" too ....have so many more to go through..... need time to assimilate all.... thanks for sharing your knowledge and (very) refreshing and interesting perspectives.....

Also, I am serious about writing my book...."Intelligence vs. Sensibility"....the inspiration comes from the so-called hyped-up intellectuals (like me)! Too often, I hear praises about the literates'
intelligence quotient.... adulation for the US (or as they say, the foreign returned) master's degrees.... the professional successes .... etc.... etc... and MOST of the times, I feel like such an EMPTY POT! How can an MBA's intelligence ever compare to the street-smart sensibility of a domestic servant, who knows how to make his ends meet (inspite of NO EDUCATION/ DEGREES), who knows how to take people for a ride (if need be) and most importantly, who knows how NOT be taken for a ride himself!.....

Its not a new topic, but after interacting with you, talking to you and especially after reading your publications, I know that any inputs/perspectives shared by you can only make my thinking
clearer.... Looking forward to a profound and meaningful education! Regards, AV.



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