Probem solving: Case of – GD.050808
A police verification certificate needed for child adoption purposes
Greetings from my end Sir!

Well… yes, though you donot know who i am, I on the other hand am an ardent admirer of you.

Delhi police to me was.. and is synomyous with Max Pereira's name..
Sir.. i need some help. My husband and I are going ahead with bringing a baby home.. and give it a tender loving care.

The adoption papers required also include a Police Verification from the SHO, stating that " Mr.. and Mrs ... donot have any criminal record against them'.
I stay at ……., and approached the police station for the same. However I was told that this work will not be done easily, the aplication has to be submitted to the DCP Ofice at….. on a stamp paper; they will then do some ground work, and then resend the papers to …. police station, who will then be working on it. This run around has been on for some time.

I do not wish to complain or level allegations, but Sir, I am in a bit of a hurry, adoption papers have to be submitted within a stipulated time. Both, my husband and I have valid Indian passports, and we both work for good organisations as Manager's.

I would request you to pls guide me and suggest me as to how can I get this verifcation done for this purpose. I would be ever obliged.
My residential Address is ….. Mobile: ………. My name: GD,
thanks & regards, GD.

Dear ……,
Thank u for the sentiments you've expressed in yr email...
Reg yr Police Verification for purposes of adopting a baby, u've done the right thing... and the procedure u r told to follow is also right. To expedite the process if u think my intervention would help, and u'd like me to spk to Mr …. the DCP/……. District, or the SHO/ ……, I can do that for u. Do let me know. With all good wishes, Maxwell

Dear Sir
Thanks for a lifetime of a help. I will be there at the DCP's office by 11 AM. Will also take supporting documents like passport, marriage certifcate, and my adoption registration papers, as well. Once again.. thank you sir.
thanks & regards, GD

Morning Sir
And before I begin my day at work, both me and my husband are really thankful to you for al the help provided. We met Mr. ….. yesterday at the ……. police station. All our papers etc which were required have been handed over to them, have ben asured that the certificate will reach me in a day or two. Thank you so much sir.... GD

Dear Sir
Thanks very much sir. I have got the verification papers that I needed. Thanks so much sir, and once again this response will be cherished in my mind as one of my best experiences... Thanks sir...
with best regards, GD

It will be nice now if u ring up ……. The DCP and thank him too.
His telephone number is ……… Maxwell

Yes of course Sir, I will call him rightaway. Thanks for the contact number.
thanks & regards, GD.



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