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Mangalorean Star – June 2005

Best wishes June 4, 2005
Maxwell Pereira Kamath:
Your achievements and contribution to our nation are truly praiseworthy. You are a true Mangalorean Star!

Best wishes always
Posted By: Jeevan Pinto, USA

Congrats June 4, 2005
Dear Maxwell,
you are a person with lots of talents , which you have put to good use, you made us Mangaloreans proud in every way possible. You were with Our Holy father when he visitied India as his main security incharge so Gods first hand blessings are with you.
I from bottom of my heart wish you a great future and thank you for being a role model for all Mangaloreans.
Joel & fly, Bahrain.
Posted By: Joel
We are proud of you Mr. Periera June 4, 2005
Maxwell Periera:
"There will be an unprecedented level of security for the Israeli prime minister's visit. We are taking no chances," the police officer in charge of security for Mr Sharon's visit, Maxwell Pereira, told the AFP news agency.....
To be in charge of Sharon's security...That is some achievement Mr. Periera!!!
We are all very proud of you
Mr. Periera!!
Posted By: Dr. K.B. Mallya
Congratulations June 4, 2005
Sir Maxwell Pereira Kamath:
Congratulations!! Sir Maxwell Pereira Kamath-Mangalorean Star,June, 2005. Your achievements are countless (like the stars in the sky)and your aim in life must have been "sky is the limit..dream big and achieve your goals". I am sure the entire Mangalorean community will be very very proud of you.(proud like an eagle). You truly deserve a big round of applause and I salute you Sir for what you are.
Posted By: Claude Fernandes, UAE
Congratulations June 4, 2005
Mr.Maxwell Pereira:
Mr.Maxwell Pereira - Star of the Month
Very inspiring and intersting personality! I really liked your advice to M'lrean youth and readers!
Congts Mr.Pereira and best wishes for ur research work!
Posted By: Zeena J Noronha, Oman
Congratulations June 4, 2005
Maxwell Periera:
Congratulations Mr. Maxwell on becoming Mangalorean Star of the Month. Your achievements speak of yourself. You have made all Mangaloreans proud. Keep up the spirit and wishing you all the best in your future life.
Posted By: Jossie Pinto, Nanthoor/Kuwait
Congratulations! June 4, 2005
Sir Maxwell Pereira Kamath:
Congratulations to Maxwell Pereira Kamath on being selected as the Mangalorean Star for the month of June, 2005. Your achievements are countless and your leadership is at the top Mount Everest. Your bio is a good history lesson to our younger generation to become a good leader for the future. Keep up your good work Sir Maxwell, wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
Posted By: Austin Prabhu
Shining Star June 3, 2005
Maxwel Pereira Kamath:
Maxwel, you need no publicity. I have been reeding your 'midis' in Times of India for many years. As a Policeman you belongs to the rare class of Julio Rebeiro and Ronald Mendonca who have done us very proud. My good wishes to you.
Posted By: Mark Quadros, India
Great Role Model June 3, 2005
Dear Maxwell,
Your many achievements and your high points in the service of the nation are legendary. I am glad to see that you are the Mangalorean.Com Star for the month. Do continue being a great role model for the members of our community.
Posted By: Bert Naik, Australia
Congratulations June 7, 2005
Dear Mr. Pereira,
Congratulations on being selected as this months Mangalorean Star. You duly deserve this. Your work for the country is tremendous and your legal knowledge is commandable.
how about starting a legal column on this site to help our mangaloreans??
good luck and all the best.
Jossy D'Souza
Posted By: Jossy D'Souza, India
Bravo! June 8, 2005
Super Achievers:
Dear Mr Maxwell Pereira, Proud of your achievements with a global shine and humble mind.
Dear Adrian D Souza, you are on the path of Ascent - dont rest, until you achieve the very best. Good luck with IHF.
Posted By: Agnel Pereira



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