Woman, thy name

God created man to His likeness, gave him everything best and put him into the paradise of pleasure. But god found that man was lonely: "Let us make him a help like unto himself; it is not good for man to be alone" So the Lord God caste a deep sleep upon man: and when he was fast asleep, He took one of his ribs, blew into it and filled up flesh for it. This form he brought to Adam, who said, "This now is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman, because she has been taken out of man" ……….. extracts , from the book of Genesis in the Bible.

Since the time of the Creation, however, this mate of man has remained an enigma -- not only to man, but also to the woman herself. On a common sense level, it has always been assumed that the major psychological differences between man and woman, especially of intellect and temperament, correspond to their differences in physiological structure and biological function -- a view epitomised in Sigmond Freud's famous dictum " anatomy is destiny". But writers, psychologists, philosophers, biologists and other scientific experts, have not stopped searching for the elusive essence of womanhood, reflecting all the time on the nature of woman and her attributes.

At different times, diverse and sharply contrasting qualities have been attributed to men and women. Rationality, for example, was thought characteristic of men, emotionality of women. Greater practical sense typical to man, as compared to woman. And man's thinking was said to be logical, while women were credited with intuitions: to have a hunch. With respect to personality traits, men are characterised with more aggressiveness, dominance and achievement motivation, Woman by greater dependency, a stronger social orientation, and a tendency to be more discouraged by failure.

Down the ages, the woman having managed to defy all these analyses and findings of researchers in respect of their attributes, the man continues to be at sea. That is why perhaps it was conveniently concluded that "when a woman says no, take it as yes". But then many a man who believed this, has also lived to tell his tale of woe.

With the advancements in the twentieth century, the woman baffled man all the more. And as we are on the threshold of the twenty-first, man has reached a stage of loosing track of all the 'why's ' 'what's 'when's and 'wherefore's about women, there being absolutely no certainty in so far as it relates to or concerns a woman. A situation, that has given birth to statements and theories galore from those who have been at the receiving end. If you as me, they know what they are saying the minute you marry them they start acting like a wife". The well experienced, though, advises " You can never tell about women -- and if you can, you shouldn't !" As for me, life would surely be so, so very dull without our women around!.

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