The Take Over Scoop

.....By Bingo Doberman

Hey there, remember me ? I'm the same Doberman that regales you now and again in the `middles' of your morning papers, narrating to you my own exploits and those of my walking companion, Maxwell Pereira ! Well, here's another of my canine journalistic forays, to share with you an extraordinary experience I had on Rajpath the other day.

Like usual, my walker-man and I were walking down at break of dawn, nearing the India Gate, faintly visible in the distance, silhouetted against the horizon. My ears perked up even as I sensed suddenly a black and yellow taxicab creeping up to us from behind, and finally keeping pace alongside. My walker-man, immersed as he was in a dream world of his own, did not lessen the length of his stride. Not till a cricket-cap clad head of this pip-squeak of a smarty peeked out of the cab, with a "Please Sir, will you please help us".

Being the policeman ever ready to respond to a call for help, my companion's pace immediately slackened, and that was signal enough for the young lad to jump out: "You see Sir, we are shooting an ad film. We want a morning walker with a dog. And we need to do it even as the first rays of the rising sun break the horizon".

"I'm afraid, you'll have to look elsewhere" was the curt reply the lad got, as my walker-man resumed his pace. The lad wouldn't give up, "Sir, please sir, this is a big one sir, the one time mega scoop, that's going to be the mother of all ads." Apparently this tickled my companion's curiosity enough to probe: "For whom is this ad ?" "It's for this national daily, sir. It's the one that's aimed at knocking out all their competitors in the field." Now wasn't that really something ! My boss was hooked: "You mean, all ? Every one of them ?" "Yes sir, each and every one of them. It will be a straight knock out. A clean take over."

Well, well, well !! This now was really interesting ! And intriguing ! An ad to knock out all competition. And an opportunity to participate in a corporate war. To see at first hand how the media giants do it ! This was not to be missed. I could read my master's mind. "Bung ho !" he said, "where is this shooting ?"; even as he got into the taxi, with me following suit, to be ensconced regally beside him on the back seat. Totally 'bindas', and thrilled at the prospect of a car ride -- take overs or no take overs.

The taxi turned around, and took us to Vijay Chowk, and up the Raisina Hill -- all the while, the youngster jabbering away, telling us how he is part of this major Agency entrusted with the task of creating an all time great one ! As we alighted, we found the rest of the crew, with expensive looking TV cameras that were perched on tripods, and set up on Rajpath between the North and South Blocks.

And then among the members of the motley crew we were to meet, was this handsome Adonis of a specimen of homosapiens who was introduced to my boss as the male model for the shoot. It was then, and only then that realisation dawned on him, that he'd been conned into cooperating. That after all, the chance to be the model in the ad was definitely not going to be his. All that they wanted was only the four-legged me ! I could sense disappointment writ large on my walkerman's mug, but he kept a straight face even as he assured the good looking guy that, "My Bingo's okay. He won't bite you. Not when I've told him not to." It was an anti climax. But my boss can be pretty gracious about such things !

So you see, yours truly minus his regular, but with a substitute walker-man, had to be the star of the day. If and when this mother of all ads comes out, and whether or not credits are given to me for enriching it's contents, when you do see it on your TV screens you will know it's me, your Bingo Doberman. Running alongside this Greek god and up the slopes of Raisina Hill, against the backdrop of rays from a glowing rising sun. Helping this hopeful 'daily' knock out all competition in the field of English newspaper readership !

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