Police list details of new number plate code

new delhi: the delhi traffic police have come out with a list of specifications for the new colour pattern and character size of vehicle number plates. the numerals and alphabets for four-wheelers will have to be 6.5 cm in height with a 1 cm space between each alphabet/digit. each alphabet/digit should be painted in strokes 1 cm thick. the specifications for the rear plates are different. the thickness of the digit/alphabet will be 7 mm and they will be 5 mm apart. but the height will not be uniform. while the numbers will have a height of 40 mm, each alphabet will be 35 mm high. ‘‘while two-wheelers below 70 cc will have alphabet and numbers 15 mm high, with a width of 2.5 mm and having a space of 5 mm between each character, more powerful two-wheelers will have characters with a height of 30 mm, with of 5 mm and a space of 5 mm between each,’’ singh said. commercial vehicles will carry number plates with numbers and alphabets written in black on a yellow background. vehicle owners will have to comply with the new order by february 1. for private vehicles, the deadline for getting the new number plates is july 1. these will have white plates with black numbers and alphabets. ‘‘we expect vehicle owners to follow the new colour pattern and write the numbers and alphabets in the correct fashion,’’ said maxwell pereira, joint commissioner of police (traffic). ‘‘owners of vehicles not subscribing to the new pattern will be fined rs 100,’’ said sanjay singh, deputy commissioner of police (traffic). experts say the new colour pattern is in conformity with international standards. ‘‘the new pattern has better visibility,’’ said r k vajpayee, head of the road safety wing at central road research institute. the police are also hoping that the new pattern will net more errant drivers. ‘‘many offending vehicles simply speed away and the white characters are not always clearly visible,’’ said a traffic police inspector. more than 32 per cent of the capital’s road accidents were caused by unknown vehicles last year. ‘‘when high-visibility number plates are fitted in all the vehicles, the number of unknown vehicles causing accidents is likely to come down,’’ said an assistant commissioner of police (traffic)

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