Delhi Police bans use of horns at intersections

new delhi: this festive season, if you are caught in a traffic snarl, don’t honk. the traffic police has banned honking at intersections, extending up to 100 metres on each arm. the horn can be used in emergency only. the ban will extend all over the city, in addition to the already notified silent zones like hospitals, schools and some residential areas. ‘‘the noise from indiscriminate honking not only causes annoyance, it also affects the health of elderly and ailing citizens, as well as affecting the studies of children,’’ said maxwell pereira, joint commissioner of police (traffic). the traffic police has cracked down on pressure horns and those emitting a succession of notes. till september 30, 139,443 motorists had been prosecuted for causing noise pollution. ‘‘mostly drivers blow their horns if someone is immobile in front of them. they curse at drivers who might be stranded in conditions beyond their control. they should realise this and control their aggressiveness,’’ pereira said. honking has been marked as aggressive behaviour and officials point to a correlation between honking and rash driving. emergency vehicles with sirens have been exempted from the ban on horns. ‘‘right now, we are educating road users. we will start prosecution after a month-long education drive,’’ he said, describing it as an extension of the ‘relax’ campaign that urged drivers to wait patiently at red lights.

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