Traffic police goes high-tech

new delhi: if the image you have of a delhi traffic policeman is that of a tired, sweating, swearing, fuming human being, erase it from your mind. he's going high-tech and what's more, will exchange megabytes with you. but keep the insults and curses out. in fact, if maxwell pereira, joint commissioner, traffic, has his way it'll be possible to pay traffic fines through the delhi traffic police site. but hold it. it's not going to be a quick affair. with every click of the mouse, there'll be a traffic advisory which will hopefully make a better motorist of you than you are already! in an effort to increase public interface on the web, the police has teamed up with a website to get suggestions and complaints -- on road engineering, diversions, congestions, traffic jams etc -- and it will be available on the net soon. g s awana, acp, traffic says, ``this will open issues for discussion and debate. it will help us implement suggestions better.'' but won't this open a pandora's box for the policemen? any number of pandora's boxes are welcome, says pereira. ``it'll be more experience for my boys and hone our efforts in serving you better. badger us -- we welcome it.'' though mail, phones and public forums are the more conventional methods of interaction, e-mail responses are growing including personal ones to the officers concerned. from 30-35 personal mails per day, pereira is flooded now with 60-70. but the delhi police website is a better way to reach them. general problems will be given precedence over individual ones and relayed areawise to the concerned police officers via the good old wireless. pereira promises no word will escape their eye. s p s tyagi, dcp traffic is also involved in this collaboration. periera also dreams of a time when helicopters can be roped in as in countries abroad. but that's ambitious. in the meantime, harried motorists can log on to give an earful to the traffic police.

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