It’s Qualis over Gypsy for cops

chalti ka naam, of course, is gaadi. but not any gaadi will do for the cop in a city where crime is at prime time. enter the qualis, which has sped past the gypsy to become the official carrier of the delhi police. swank and smart are the key words that are the driving force of delhi’s cops. old-fashioned pcrs are to be replaced by a more impressive fleet of brand-new toyota qualis vehicles. as the word in police circles goes, the idea is to upgrade the existing system of policing in the capital. ‘‘it is basically to bring about more effective service for the people. the qualis is spacious, tough and provides the right speed to be able to follow and track down criminals, who use the most sophisticated vehicles for organised crimes,’’ informs a senior officer at the police control room. the delhi police entered the maruti gypsy mode back in the 1990s, graduating from the sturdy mahindra jeeps. ‘‘we have tried out a number of vehicles in the past. we tried the trekkers in the late ‘70s and early ‘90s,’’ explains joint cp, traffic, maxwell pereira. the proposal for the qualis has already been forwarded to the home ministry and although officials are tight-lipped about when the new fleet of vehicles is finally going to hit the road, all that can be said for the moment is that the city police are leaving no stone unturned to be on the road to noticeable success.

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