‘New rate to discipline CP parking’

new delhi: if the new delhi municipal council has its way, shoppers at connaught place will have little choice: pay rs 50 for parking or a rs 300 fine for improper parking. the proposal to hike parking charges in connaught place has the blessings of the traffic police. ‘‘we cannot allow parking mismanagement in connaught place. there has to be some discipline in the parking lots,’’ maxwell pereira, joint commissioner of police (traffic), said. this year, the traffic police have recorded a huge leap in improper and obstructive parking in connaught place and its radial roads. till october 15, they had challaned 78,541 people for parking their vehicles in an obstructive manner in connaught place alone. ‘‘all those who had parked their vehicles outside the parking area had been challaned. the drive will be intensified in the near future,’’ warned arun kampani, deputy commissioner of police (new delhi) traffic. according to pereira, the increased parking charges will give a fillip to the shops in connaught place, as serious shoppers will not be put off by the hike. ‘‘contrary to the shopowners’ perception, this will increase the chances of their wares being sold,’’ he said. ‘‘if one wants to have a paan for rs 10 from connaught place, he should be ready to shell out another rs 50 for parking,’’ a traffic official quipped. at present, the fine for improper parking is rs 100. in addition, towing charges are imposed: rs 100 for two-wheelers and rs 200 for cars. about 97 cranes — government as well as privately owned — tow away vehicles in the city. ‘‘in connaught place alone, six cranes are busy towing away vehicles,’’ an area traffic official said. ‘‘though parking arrangements are the responsibility of the local civic agency, parking mismanagement becomes the traffic policeman’s headache,’’ said kampani. this year, the traffic police challaned 2,63,330 vehicle users for improper parking till october 15 in the city.

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