Plans afoot to decongest roundabouts

NEW DELHI: The roundabout near Andhra Pradesh Bhavan on Ashoka Road can handle 4,300 vehicles an hour. But Central Road Research Institute’s study shows that almost 12,000 vehicles use this roundabout every hour. Deputy commissioner of police (New Delhi range traffic) Arun Kampani said, ‘‘The roundabouts in Lutyen’s Delhi are choked with vehicles everyday.’’

The traffic police deputed a team of experts to carry out surveys on the roundabout. ‘‘While traffic volume has increased, there has been no effort to gauge the problem and find solutions,’’ Kampani adds. The team has just completed studying the Jaswant Singh roundabout , where Ashoka Road, Man Singh Road and Dr Rajendra Prasad Road intersect. ‘‘We were amazed to know that the traffic volume was so high, about three times more than its capacity,’’ says Kampani. The traffic police will allow only straight-flowing traffic on Ashoka Road and Jaswant Singh Road, while vehicles on the other roads will be diverted.

The recommended solutions also include shifting of electric poles, cutting of trees and widening of the approach roads. The traffic police has asked structural and civil engineers to find solutions to the problem. Joint commissioner of police (traffic) Maxwell Pereira says, ‘‘The character of Lutyen’s Delhi will be lost, if these roundabouts are removed. The ambience of this part of the city is a great motivating factor for the authorities.’’

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