Bangladeshi Dacoits…
Maxwell Pereira

Among illegal aliens on our land committing crime in Delhi and elsewhere in recent times, are the Bangladeshis, who have graduated to a measure of finesse enough to cause serious concern for the law-enforcement authorities. In many of the recent sensational robberies and dacoities, the gangs involved were identified as Bangladeshis. The police have come up with successes no doubt in detecting and nabbing the perpetrators, but there is need for the public to recognize the imminent danger around because of these illegal Bangladeshis in our midst, to ensure the required precautions.

From interrogations of those nabbed in major crimes, it is seen that not necessarily are all these types committing crime in Delhi are permanently resident here; but many are frequent visitors to these parts and other in the country…. blatantly in search of livelihood through a life of crime. They have a well organized system of 'border operators' who help easy movement both-ways across India's borders with Bangladesh, in disposal of looted property, and in providing money in times of need… With a wide net-working of managers, operators, infiltrators, smugglers, touts and other helpers.

The networking includes those family members and relatives already settled here in different localities, normally in congested areas, who provide them with a convenient base to operate from on their arrival from Bangladesh. They are found to spread themselves in varied localities. Family members, mostly the females, gaining easy employment as maids in posh areas, who facilitate collection of vital information about prospective targets. After committing a string of major strikes/crimes these Bangladeshi criminals immediately head back to homeland without loss of time, to avoid detection or possible arrest by the police.

Their entry and escape is arranged through dalals/ border operators - at Delhi and along the Indo-Bangladesh borders. The dalals, invariably in touch with 'receivers' in Delhi and Kolkata, able to dispose off the looted valuables - mostly jewellery. While preference is for cash, other items of loot interest are watches, jewellery, mobiles and sundry valuables. The cash is arranged to be quickly smuggled across the border either through one of the gang members acting as 'carrier' or through the dalals to be delivered at each of their native places in Bangladesh. Like the cash, the rest of the booty is also distributed amongst members equally, the dalals and the informer baging an extra share.

Some of these gangs were found to have particular inclination for auto-rickshaws as a mode of transport. Targets are chosen after careful recce - those close to parks, jungles, railway track and usually located at the corner. They carry an assortment of weapons, including country-made fire-arms, knives, iron rods, screw drivers and other house breaking implements.

The gang prefers the wee hours after midnight to gain entry by prizing open the window grill, taking advantage of the camouflage provided by the drone of an AC or cooler, the sound of a passing vehicle etc to mask the sound of their own house/grill breaking noise…. So that it is not heard by the inmates or the neighbours. Targetting houses in the vicinity of the airport or along air-travel corridors, using the moments of the landing/ taking off sound of aeroplanes, is common.

Once all gang members enter the house, they survey the house for the room-laout and sleeping inmates, then tie up the house members with cloth ripped apart from bedsheets or clothes, or sliced with a knife from curtains and drapes. Telephone wires are also used to tie the hands. Inmates are made hostage in one room and while one or two stand as guard, the rest ransack the house freely, taking their own time at it. Time taken for the entire exercise usually ranging between 1 to 1 ½ hours, leaving the house just before the dawn.

The booty taken either in a pillow-cover or a bags picked from the premises. In most cases they are found to huddle all the house members into a bathroom before effecting their own escape. They are not found to be unduly abusive, and often known to be offering the inmates water to drink and extending other courtesies. The gang members do not hesitate to partake of something from the kitchen, as observed in the Vivek Vihar and Dwarka cases in the recent past. Members are known to address each other with Hindu names while in the commission of a robbery / dacoity… especially in the presence of inmates,

Members in the gang, in police parlance, are invariably 'desperate' and are known to carry deadly weapons. Consequently they do not hesitate to cause injury, if situation so arises during commission of a crime. Most are hardcore criminals, and do not easily break during interrogation. And after incarceration, the distressing feature is the ease with which these criminals manage to get bail after being caught. And immediately on release from jail, they eat the meat of a black cat as a ritual.

The Government is firm in its effort to oust the illegal aliens, but without the cooperation of the citizenry at large, this is an uphill task. While the police are doing their bit to safeguard the community against Bangladeshi attacks, there is need for the people to be aware of the lurking dangers at their hands and ensure effective safety measures to counter such criminal designs.

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