Constable foiled attack on Parliament

new delhi: it was not the security staff, but a traffic constable who prevented the suicide bomber from entering parliament house on december 13. acting quickly, he shut the doors of the building blunting the terrorist attack. the traffic police came to know about his daring action on thursday, more than a month after the attack. letters of appreciation from an mp to lt-governor vijai kapoor were forwarded to us, said maxwell pereira, joint commissioner of police (traffic). veer singh, who was on car-calling duty at gate no 1 in parliament house, has been commended by lok sabha member sushil kumar shinde for his ‘‘presence of mind and smart act which prevented the catastrophe’’. in a letter to the l-g, shinde has recommended rewarding the traffic policeman. about the commendation, pereira remarked, ‘‘this reflects the high state of alertness of our personnel, despite working odd hours and in difficult circumstances.’’

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